Healthy Challenge Scavenger Hunt


Need some indoor activities for the kids during the hot summer months? Keep them physically active and go on a scavenger hunt in your very own house!

Grab a friend, a sibling, or a parent and hunt for the items below. Leave this list up on your computer screen as you search for each item. As you complete each task, come back to the computer to read the next item on your list. Make it a race and see who can finish the list fastest. Use a stopwatch or a clock to time yourselves.

1. Touch 2 tissue boxes
2. Get in and out of bed (with covers) 5 times
3. Touch your mailbox
4. Grab a spoon from the kitchen and bring it back to the computer
5. Point to a healthy snack in the refrigerator, like fruit or vegetables
6. Touch every doorknob in the house as fast as you can
7. Find a food in your pantry or refrigerator with less than 100 calories per serving (check the nutrition label)
8. Find 3 red things in your house, bring them to the computer
9. Find 3 different soft items like a bath towel, bed sheet and t-shirt, bring them back to the computer
10. Grab the remote control and bring it to the computer
11. Touch 2 soap containers or bars
12. Grab your pillow and bring it to the computer
13. Touch your tube of toothpaste
14. Find any book or magazine and bring it back to the computer
15. Touch your hair brush or comb
16. Find a roll of tape and bring it back to the computer
17. Touch a CD, radio, or MP3 player
18. Touch a clock
19. Find a pair of socks and put them on
20. Get a plastic cup and bring it back to the computer

Remember to put everything back when you are finished!

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