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Healthier Vermont Schools on the Horizon


Thanks to all of our volunteers who contacted the State Board of Education to encourage the board to include improvements in nutrition, PE and physical activity in the state education standards.  While the board has not yet concluded its process that will finalize these changes, it instructed the Agency of Education to make changes to the working draft of the standards based on the public comments it received.

The board will review the changes and make its final recommendations at its December 17th meeting at Burlington High School. 

The language highlighted in yellow below includes the draft changes to the standards regarding nutrition, PE and physical activity.

Each school shall provide students in grades K-8 with at least two physical education classes per week. For grades K-2, physical education class time shall be no less than 30 minutes. For grades 3-12, physical education class time shall be no less than 40 minutes.

 Students in grades 9-12 shall participate in the equivalent of one and one-half years of physical education. Substitutions for physical education should only be allowed in grades 9-12 and only if approved by and overseen by a physical education teacher under the conditions detailed by the Vermont Agency of Education.

 Each school shall offer options for students in grades K-12 participate in at least 30 minutes of physical activity within or outside of the school day. Physical activity may include recess and movement built into the curriculum, but does not replace physical education classes.

 Schools shall provide students with no less than 10 minutes to eat breakfast and no less than 20 minutes to eat lunch. Schools shall provide students with free access to clean drinking water throughout the day.

 Each school shall provide appropriate learning opportunities to all students to support their attainment of the standards approved by the State Board of Education. As required in 16 V.S.A. §2902, each public school shall provide support for students who require additional assistance in order to succeed or be challenged in the general education environment.



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