Health Transportation is Alive and Well in Vermont

Vermont is moving. People are on the go and many local public health organizations want to ensure they can move in the healthiest and safest ways possible when they do. And there is a lot happening.


This month, more than 20 organizations came together to form a new coalition, Transportation4Vermont, that will work together to advance policies and programs that expand mobility choices for all Vermonters - improving health and quality of life, reducing environmental impacts, preventing sprawl, and strengthening the state’s economy.

T4VT is in the process of setting up a steering committee, doing research and establishing and implementing a plan for outreach, education, and advocacy to inform and engage the public and Vermont policy makers about transportation solutions that meet mobility needs and advance state climate, energy, health, and economic development goals.

Also this month, a number of Vermont organizations came together to discuss the issue of Complete Streets, six years following enactment of Vermont’s Complete Streets law.  One of the priorities of this group will be encouraging local towns to adopt a Complete Streets policy and work to create transportation infrastructures that allow for safe walking and biking. The Complete Streets coalition also felt it was important to highlight towns that were good models of Complete Streets communities and help get the word out about grants available to communities to assist them in their efforts.

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