Health is on the Ballot

On your ballot there are several critical items that call for your vote, but did you know that health is one of them? 

hero_image_alt_text===Vote yes on prop 3
thumbnail_alt_text===Vote yes on Prop 3

Proposition 3 seeks to expand health care coverage for hardworking Utahns and would bring back $800 million to our state every year.

The American Heart Association supports Proposition 3 because it strikes the right balance between providing affordable health coverage for people in need while putting them in a position to take responsibility for their own health.


More than 4,000 Utahns died in 2017 from cardiovascular diseases and stroke, and hospital treatment for those who suffer from cardiovascular disease and stroke exceeds $400 million each year.  We can do something about this by voting YES on Prop 3 so more people have access to preventive care and the opportunity to manage their health risks.

No Utahn should have to lose their father, mother, or any family member to heart disease or stroke. 

Can we count on you to vote YES on Prop 3?

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