Health Commissioner Says Making the Healthy Choice Easy Has an Impact

New Healthy Choices Vermont Coalition and Vermont Health Department Share Same Goals on Reducing Diet Related Diseases

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The American Heart Association convened a number of Vermont organizations for the first statewide meeting of the Healthy Choices Vermont Coalition this month. The group will be working to reduce the overwhelming impact of diet related diseases in Vermont, focusing first on nutrition standards for restaurant kids' meals.

Guest speaker Commissioner of Health Mark Levine, talked to the coalition about the health department's 3-4-50 campaign which also shares the coalition's goals of making the healthy choice the easy choice.

Commissioner Levine said the CDC's health impact pyramid shows that efforts that focus on making individuals' default decisions healthy are more effective than even counseling from their doctor.

Commissioner Levine noted that the health department's 3-4-50 campaign is focusing on helping businesses, schools and municipalities have default healthy choices such as getting rid of sugary drinks, going tobacco free and ensuring schools meet nutrition standards.

The Healthy Choices Vermont coalition will be working to ensure that restaurant kids' meals meet nutrition standards as a first step and hopes to also tackle such future policy efforts as a sugary drink tax. To get involved with the Healthy Choices Vermont Coalition, contact [email protected].

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