Health Care Reform Must Be...

At the American Heart Association, we know how important access to affordable, quality health care is to you.


As Congress considers a replacement for the Affordable Care Act, our No. 1 priority is ensuring patients facing heart disease and stroke can continue to receive the medical care they need.

That’s why we joined with 10 other leading patient groups to lay out a set of principles that should guide any changes to the existing health care law.

  • We believe health insurance should be affordable for Americans at every income level.
  • All people should be able to purchase health insurance, regardless of their employment status, location, age, gender or pre-existing condition.
  • Health insurance plans should cover a full range of services, including preventative screenings at minimal expense.


You can be assured that we will remain committed to preserving the patient protections so important to our heart disease and stroke community.

Together, we’ll keep working to ensure all patients who suffer from heart disease and stroke are able to get the care they need to live longer, healthier lives

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