Health and Safety is on Tucson Ballot

This November, the voters in Tucson will be asked to approve a $225 million dollar capital improvement bond, known as Proposition 407. 

hero_image_alt_text===Tuscon Transportation Bond
thumbnail_alt_text===Tucson Transportation Bond

This bond, if passed, will be dedicated to improving pedestrian pathways, bicycle pathways and pedestrian and bicycle safety, all key elements of Completes Streets efforts in Tucson. It will also be used to improve playgrounds, sport fields, pools, splash pads and recreation centers. There are 53 different “connectivity” projects included in this bond, and all together they will provide for over 130 miles of enhancements across the city, creating safe and comfortable routs for people walking and biking to parks as well as to other places like schools, grocery stores, and workplaces. This increased opportunity for physical activity has a direct impact on the risk factors for heart disease and stroke. The American Heart Association is excited to support this Proposition and urge Tucson voters to do the same.

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