Happy Holidays, Superheroes!

As we enjoy this season of thanks, we would be remiss if we didn’t express our sincerest thanks to you, our advocates.  Though we live in different places across the country, we all come together to use our superhero advocacy powers – you are saving lives by using your voice!


The election season is over and now we turn attention to legislative session and the work of our local governments. Stay tuned for more opportunities to make a difference. Taking a moment to send an action alert, make a call to your legislator, or invite a friend to join You’re the Cure makes you a superhero for those impacted by heart disease and stroke – and if you don’t believe me, take a minute and watch this!

This is also a great time to share that our internal American Heart Association team of superheroes is growing too!  Previously, you were an advocate working within your affiliate grouping of states – you joined us from the Great Rivers or the Midwest Affiliate.  Now, we are excited to share that we are all working together as the Central Region! 

You will be able to hear more about what your neighbors in other states are working on, as well as learning more skills from the Grassroots Managers in those areas!  Melissa Brown (Great Rivers Affiliate) and Jess Nolan and Allison Hogue (Midwest Affiliate) will each work with you to help strengthen your advocacy skills as superheroes in the quest to pass lifesaving policies.

We are so thankful to continue to work with each one of you in our local communities, across our states, and together as the Central Region – because we know that our superheroes are why we have been so successful in building healthier communities together. 

Thank you!

Melissa, Jess & Allison
Your Central Region Grassroots Team

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