Happy Independence Day!


Have you ever worried that you just aren’t cut out for advocacy work?  Think you are too young, too old, only one voice, haven’t learned enough?  Let  these facts about those who signed the Declaration of Independence remind you that no matter who you are, you can help make an impact on the issues that matter to you!

  1. There were 56 signers to the Declaration of Independence, the oldest was Benjamin Franklin, 70, and the youngest was Edward Rutledge, 26, from South Carolina.
  2. 13 of the signers were 35 or younger, 7 were 60 or older.
  3. Though most of the signers were American born, 8 were foreign born.
  4. Though more than half of the signers were lawyers, there were also physicians, clergymen, merchants, planters and shippers.  There was even one printer in the group.
  5. Three signers were from North Carolina, two of which served in the state legislature at some point.

You can learn more about the Fourth of July and the Declaration of Independence by clicking here and here.

We hope you all have a festive and safe holiday, and enjoy the time spent with your family and friends!

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