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Happy Anniversary, You're the Cure Community!


More than a year ago, we knew our website needed a revamp.  But we didn’t want to build the same old site that would be a one-way communication channel from the American Heart Association to you.  We wanted to build a community, through which we all could share stories, news, and opinions.  We wanted a place for advocates to learn about and take action on the issues that mattered most to them.  And we wanted a place for advocates to be recognized for the actions they were taking in the fight against heart disease and stroke. 

So we set-out to build the You’re the Cure community website and a year ago this month, it officially launched!  Thanks to you, the community is growing and developing every day!

Over 10,000 of you have set-up your You’re the Cure community profile to take full advantage of all that the site has to offer!  If you haven’t set-up your profile yet, watch this quick video to learn how. 

(Please visit the site to view this video)

Nearly 500 of you have accumulated more than 500 points from the actions you’ve taken to achieve our highest rank… the You’re the Cure Hero!




Over 2,500 of you told us about your connection to heart disease and stroke and now have a survivor badge on your profile and 200 of you have earned the ‘Social Media’ badge for regularly sharing You’re the Cure news and action alerts with your social networks.




Help us celebrate!  As we all know, the 1st anniversary is the “Paper Anniversary”, so to help us keep the You’re the Cure community going strong, we’re asking you to help us grow!  Just print off a couple of our You’re the Cure recruitment forms and invite friends, family, and neighbors to join you as part of the grassroots movement for healthier communities and healthier lives.  Then mail the forms back to us as our “anniversary gift”! 

Thank you for all you do and will continue to do as part of our community!  In the fight against heart disease and stroke, you’re the cure!

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