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Hallie, Oregon

I was just 35 when I suffered a sudden cardiac arrest at work. I finished a phone call and was getting up to leave when I collapsed to the floor. My colleague, Jessica, heard me fall and rushed over. She called 911 and followed the operator’s directions to perform hands-only CPR until the paramedics arrived. On the way to the hospital the paramedics induced hypothermia to preserve my organ function. During my hospital stay I was diagnosed with Long QT Syndrome. I learned this hereditary disease was the cause of my cardiac arrest and also likely the cause of my mother’s death at the age of 36 -- not the seizure disorder we long thought we shared.

It is because of the quick-thinking of my colleague and the seamless care of emergency responders and hospital clinicians that I’m alive today and have had a full recovery. My husband and I are expecting our second child any day now. I’m grateful to those who helped save my life and ensured I would be there for my family.

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