GUEST VLOG: Abby & Cole Talk Vaping and Movies

Have you met Cole? Well, we'd like to introduce you to this phenomenal young man. This month our AHA advocacy vlogger Abby Davis interviews high school senior, Cole Kosch from Austin in a peer-to-peer conversation which sheds light on the ongoing vaping epidemic by giving us insight into the challenges facing young people in Texas and beyond.


Cole first encountered vaping among his classmates in the sixth grade, and in high school even found friends stealing from him to fund their own vaping habits - a situation he emotionally shares in the interview which might not have the ending you expect. He turns a difficult situation into an opportunity for growth and helping others. Watch the interview HERE.

Last year, the AHA helped pass Texas Senate Bill 248, which requires e-cigarette retailers to obtain a permit to sell e-cigarettes and to face accountability if they’re found to be selling harmful devices to minors. The struggles Cole and his friends faced trying to avoid the harmful effects of tobacco underscore why it’s crucial that we continue taking steps to prevent youth access to addictive products like e-cigarettes and support those looking to quit with comprehensive programs.

As we look towards Texas legislative session in 2023, we will keep this issue and the youth of Texas a priority!

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