GUEST BLOG: New Decade, New Resolution - It’s Time for the Tobacco Endgame!

Can you believe it’s already here? It’s the end of the year and the season for new goals and initiatives. Isn’t it beautiful to see everything laid out as a new start; so clean and fresh? I’m all for resolutions that are realistic and can actually be followed through. (As Rachel Hollis says, don’t break promises to yourself!”) That’s why, while you’re tackling your latest and greatest goals- whether they involve health, fitness, school, or work- I want to encourage you to take action against big tobacco too!


Earlier this month, the National Youth Tobacco survey results were released by the CDC. I was shocked to read that in the past month, 6.2 million middle and high school students surveyed admit to using at least one tobacco product. Among the most commonly used forms of tobacco was e-cigarettes. That’s alarming! To make matters worse, the report showcased how big tobacco companies specifically target our country’s youth, with nearly 70% of those surveyed reporting remembering exposure to some form of e-cigarette marketing over the last 30 days. In these targeted, predatory ads, tobacco companies are marketing the lie that vaping is safe, and children and young adults are believing it. Did you know that one vape pod is the equivalent of smoking a whole pack of cigarettes, and that these e-cigarettes are filled with aerosols made out of heavy metals such as tin, lead, and nickel that are breathed directly into the lungs? Guys, vaping is so not cool- and it’s a problem everywhere! 

But 2020 is a new decade, and a time for new changes! It’s been over 3 months since President Trump announced his intention to remove e-cigarettes from market; yet they’re still available to youth around the United States in easy access. Unfortunately, over 5 million children in our country are using and becoming addicted to these harmful products as we wait for change to initiate in D.C. The healthy and successful futures of upcoming generations should be a top priority in every state, and that’s why we can’t wait any longer in 2020. However, instead of dwelling on the negatives of this situation, I think we should view the new year as an opportunity: Why not make this the decade of eliminating all flavored tobacco products? It's time for the Tobacco Endgame!

This year, make a resolution you’ll keep- and one that will have an impact for the future of our country. Take a stand against e-cigarettes and tobacco products by contacting the President and key members of Administration today and asking that they pass legislation to eliminate the sale of all flavored e-cigarettes and tobacco products, including mint and menthol. Recently, the American Heart Association has launched its #QuitLying campaign, calling out big tobacco companies for spreading the misinformation that vaping is safe. Join the movement! In 2020, we’ll make a difference, and we’ll promote healthy choices for Americans of all ages!

Don't forget to take action by CLICKING HERE, and now, go enjoy the Holidays with your village of amazing people! 

Forever your Miss Wyoming 2017 & AHA Advocate,

Cheyenne Buyert

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