GUEST BLOG: Let's Serve Kids Better!

March is National Nutrition Month! This month, the American Heart Association is focused on serving kids better by advocating for healthier kids’ meals in restaurants!


Did you know that about 42% of kids ages 2-9 years eat fast food on any given day, and about 2/3 of kids in the U.S. consume a sugary drink on a daily basis? Only about 3% of fast food meals are truly nutritional, and this consumption can have a detrimental impact on our nation’s younger generations! Take action now!

Don’t worry, I get it- sometimes eating fast food is unavoidable. Life is busy, and fast food is quick and convenient. However, one of the easiest ways you and your children can begin to develop healthier habits when eating out starts with what you drink! Substitute water, milk, or 100% fruit juice for soda or sugary juice mixes. Sodas are loaded with calories, saturated fats, and unnecessary sugars!  If you want to take being a #hearthealthy advocate a step further this much, contact your representative and encourage them to support legislation that makes these healthy beverage options the standard in kid’s meals. By swapping out what our kiddos are drinking, we can all work together to ensure that beverages like water and milk are the norm, not the exception!

The American Heart Association advises that children should only consume one 8-ounce sugary drink per week in order to prevent obesity and future heart disease. Unfortunately, many children today regularly consume as much as ten times that much! For yourself, try making baby steps and switch to drinking sparking water or unsweetened tea first. Whatever you can do to begin cutting out sugary beverages- try it! I promise it’s easier than it sounds, and soon your body won’t crave it at all!

The average American household eats out as often as 5 times per week. Make the commitment to lower this statistic with your own family immediately! Practice meal prepping methods or swap red meats for extra veggies once a week. Make a genuine effort to purchase less pre-packaged, preservative-packed foods at the grocery store. These are filled with high levels of sodium, and most of the food that is served at restaurants come from the same sources because preservatives are necessary to maintain longevity in the food service industry. Not only will implementing these techniques save your household money, but every little change will have a positive impact in creating #healthyforgood habits for the future. As adults and role models, we can initiate change and set a better example starting right now.

So, let’s serve kids better, from this month on! Take action HERE!

Forever your Miss Wyoming 2017 and AHA Advocate,

Cheyenne Buyert

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