GUEST BLOG: From My Heart - It's My Senior Year!

Summer has officially ended and it is back to school time for many of us. Starting back to school can be very stressful, especially for me because it is my senior year of high school!!! I don’t know if I should feel excited or nervous because not only does school come with so many great things like seeing all my friends, opportunities to learn more, and the chance to cheer our team onto victory at Friday night football games.

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School also brings along a few burdens with homework, tests, restless nights, and a packed schedule. During this back to school season, it is important for all of us to make sure that we are eating right, staying active, getting plenty of rest, and de-stressing in times when we need it most.

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” Oh, is that true. Before school make sure you get a balanced breakfast that can fuel your morning activities. Also, pack a nutritious lunch. I know that throwing together a sack lunch can sometimes be very hard and take too much time, but if you pack your lunch the night before then you can make sure that your meal is very well balanced. If your meals are filled with a good protein, fruits, and veggies then you will be less tired throughout the school day. I'm a big fan of a quick taco salad!

I know that school makes me feel exhausted and doesn’t make me want to go run a mile, but I should. We all have those lazy days where we want to go home and watch Netflix, but we have to remember how important it is to get at least sixty minutes of physical activity each day. It can be an early morning jog, an afternoon bike ride, or one of my favorites is playing outside with my family - dodge ball to be specific, lol. Doing activities with your family and friends can make exercise so much more fun. Just because our lives are starting to get busier doesn’t mean it is ok to live a sedentary lifestyle. We need to make time for what is important.

Pouring over loads of books and studying note cards when a test is looming can result in nights with little to no sleep. I know that it helps me to try and go to bed around the same time every night. Most teenagers need around 7-9 hours of sleep. For me, it works better to wake up earlier and get things done instead of staying up until the crack of dawn in a rush to get things finished. It also helps me to get more sleep when I start studying for those big tests in advance rather than waiting until the last minute to study.

Stress can overwhelm you and make you feel all kinds of emotions. I think it is good to start the year off with goals that you wish to accomplish throughout the year. One of my goals is to read one book a month. Reading is a great de-stressor that can calm you down from whatever you are worrying about. Also, I try and find different times throughout my day where I can focus on myself. I can write in my planner all the things I want to get done throughout the day or I can just have good conversation with friends that brings me joy.

A great way to stop stressing out during this season is to surround yourself with people who will lift you up. Overall, live your life in the moment and put things on your calendar that can continue to make you become heart-healthy. Let’s all strive to get an A+ on heart health this year!

If you haven't already joined me as an advocate for the American Heart Association take a minute to join today! Simply text ABBY to 46839 or click HERE.

Until Next Time,

Little Rock Christian Academy Senior Staff at 2018 Freshman Retreat



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