Annual Greater Washington Heart Walk Bustling!

The National Mall in Washington, DC was bustling on Saturday, November 5 at the American Heart Association’s Annual Greater Washington Heart Walk. More than 10,000 DC-area residents and AHA supporters walked to celebrate life and commit to heart-healthy living. At AHA’s “mission tent,” You’re the Cure volunteers educated participants on heart disease, stroke, and nutrition, and recruited hundreds more advocates to the network. 


The mission tent also featured hands-only CPR training where people of all ages gathered to learn and practice this life-saving skill.  Through the passage of DC’s law requiring CPR for high school graduation earlier this year and by teaching attendees at AHA events like the Heart Walk, more DC residents than ever before are empowered and prepared to take action in cardiac emergency situations.  

Thank you to all our You're the Cure advocates for continuing to support health in all policies and for volunteering to educate our neighbors at the Greater Washington Heart Walk. Click here for information on our most recent campaigns and to get involved!

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