Great News For Water Access in Arkansas!

We have great news!  Governor Asa Hutchison has signed legislation (SB 532) requiring all new schools to have water bottle filling stations, and for the stations to be installed when existing schools make major renovations. 


A BIG thank you goes out to all the You’re the Cure advocates that helped make this a reality by raising their voices in support of improving access to water for our Arkansas students!  Like a single drop of water can create ripples that spread far and wide, your advocacy has made a lasting impact!

Thanks to you we have taken a great step toward providing safe, clean drinking water for students while at school. Water bottle filling stations, especially since the pandemic are preferred over water fountains because they are cleaner.  Water fountains, which require users to put their mouths close to the spigot, are some of the germiest surfaces in any school. Additionally, the filling stations allow students to enjoy water throughout the day as opposed to a quick drink in a long line of their peers.

Making sure students have enough water can help improve a child’s performance in school, making it easier for them to learn.  In addition, substituting water for sugary drinks helps keep kids at a healthy weight. 

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