Great News for the Idaho Medicaid Program

This has been a session unlike any other, but despite the challenges we are excited to share good news that Governor Little has signed legislation that fully funds the state’s Medicaid program!

Email legislators and the Governor today and thank them for voting with us on this important issue!

During this time when many Idahoans are facing economic hardship and financial challenges, it would have been devastating for the state to cut the Medicaid budget, and that was the original budget recommendation from the Governor. With your help we convinced the Governor to withdraw his recommendation and encouraged legislators to vote to fully fund Medicaid coverage that will help thousands of our friends and neighbors. This is a huge win for all Idahoans in need of affordable health care coverage, and your advocacy made it possible.

Thank you for your support on this important issue. Together we can help build a healthier Idaho.

hero_image_alt_text===A stethoscope and pen over a doctors pad
thumbnail_alt_text===A stethoscope and pen over a doctors pad
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