Grateful for Grace: Volunteering for Healthier Kids


We have a lot of work to do over the next few months and it’s only with the help of volunteers that we’ll be able to accomplish our goals for a healthier and safer Oregon. I wanted to introduce you to one of those important people, Grace Clark, our newest advocacy volunteer.

Grace is working as a Research and Outreach Coordinator on two of our obesity prevention campaigns: Junk Food Marketing (banning it in schools, that is) and Safe Routes to Schools (ensuring kids have safe, active ways of getting to school). Both of these efforts are part of AHA’s national initiative, Voices for Healthy Kids.

Grace comes to Oregon by way of the University of New Mexico, with a BS in Nutrition/Dietetics. She is currently a dietary aide at a rehab and specialty care hospital. Grace is excited to gain experience advocating for policy and would like to become a Registered Dietician. New to Oregon, she is happy to be here and loving the greenery.

Here’s what Grace wanted to share with you about why she cares about ensuring everyone has a chance to make healthy lifestyle choices:

“When I started school at the University of New Mexico I didn’t know what I wanted to study. Because I had always been involved in the theaters in my schools and community, it seemed like the logical next step to get involved in theatre in college. Long story short, I did not like the theater program at UNM and was in great need of a change.

“During this time I had started to develop certain health issues that caused me to pay very close attention to what I ate, this lead me to become fascinated by food and how it can make/break your body. Plus, I started dating a chef, so it was a natural progression for my life to become centered on food. After taking my first formal nutrition course I discovered that there was an actual major called Nutrition/Dietetics, and the rest is history!

“I officially became a Nutrition/Dietetics major and the deeper I got into the program the more passionate I became about reaching out and helping others, especially those who may be unable to help themselves. I am still unsure about my exact path, but through this opportunity with the AHA I am discovering a whole new way to fulfill my passion. I am excited about working with everyone and look forward to where this opportunity will take me!”

Feel free to send Grace a note of welcome, or to let her know if you’d like to get involved on either of these campaigns: [email protected].

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