Grassroots Advocacy at Its Finest

Grassroots advocacy can have an important impact on the health and well-being of any community across New York.

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It can be easy to overlook the role communities have in generating change. In reality, local level advocacy and volunteerism plays a very important role in bringing about changes like healthy eating and active living. Often, community actions serve as a catalyst for widespread accomplishments that would not have been possible without the grassroots level participation from local advocates. 

Recently, we have seen the success on the local level in the form of 18 different municipalities across New York passing local tobacco 21 laws. These communities took it upon themselves, in the face of inaction by State legislators, to make their communities healthier by raising the minimum legal sales age of tobacco products. Through a multitude of different tactics including direct lobbying, phone calls, emails and speaking at countywide legislative hearings, legislators, and other communities, can see clearly how important tobacco 21 policies are. 

Anyone interested in getting involved in their community through advocacy, and who needs some tips or ideas on where to get started, please feel free to reach out to Caitlin O’Brien at [email protected]

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