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Granite Advantage Health Program

The AHA continues the fight for heart and stroke health benefits.

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In May, I shared the good news that the NH Legislature approved the continuation of the Medicaid expansion program in the Granite State.

The NH Health Protection Program, providing healthcare access to 50,000 low-income individuals in NH, was set to sunset at the end of this coming December. The NH State Budget passed in 2017, required some changes to the program, several of which the AHA remains opposed to, such as a work requirement, which could interfere with CVD patients' treatment for heart disease and stroke. However, the newly established Granite Health Advantage Program will result in other opportunities to ensure additional important cardiac health screening benefits, as well as a tobacco cessation benefit, are extended to the Medicaid expansion population.

Under the new program, individuals in the Medicaid expansion population will be added to the Medicaid Managed Care program and not enrolled in separate health plans with different benefits.

The AHA will remain engaged in the regulatory rules process to ensure the best benefits and protections for heart and stroke patients are included in the program.

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