Governor Hogan vetoed tobacco tax legislation. Now we act to override his veto.

Governor Hogan vetoed legislation that included an increase in our state tobacco tax and COVID-19 relief. The American Heart Association is disappointed with this decision because these policies were important to the health of all Marylanders. 


House Bill 732 would have implemented evidence-based policy, made a great investment in tobacco control and raised the tax on tobacco to combat the epidemic of tobacco use – all while addressing the current pandemic of COVID-19 with much needed funding.

Contact lawmakers today

We know many of you worked hard to support this legislation and we want you to know, we aren’t done yet! We must urge our state lawmakers to overturn the Governor’s veto when they reconvene. In true advocate fashion – it’s time for us to act. 

Tell the Governor you are disappointed in his action and then let your lawmakers know you want them to do what is right for Maryland and overturn the veto.  Take action now. 

We will keep you posted on the steps you can take to make sure lawmakers prioritize the health of all Marylanders.

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