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Governor Steve Beshear announces Kentucky will expand the State’s Medicaid!


Last Thursday afternoon, Governor Steve Beshear announced his intention to expand the state’s Medicaid program. It is estimated that 640,000 Kentuckians are uninsured, or 17.5% of the state’s population under 65. Through this program, 308,000 Kentuckians will gain health insurance through Medicaid expansion.

As Kentucky moves forward with expanding Medicaid to lower-income adults, it will become an increasingly important source of coverage for currently uninsured adults who have or are at risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD). Based on national estimations, at least 53% of current Medicaid beneficiaries also have some form of CVD, and they depend on Medicaid to provide stable, affordable health care for their conditions.

Kentucky remains the 9th highest rate of cardiovascular disease in the country, but through Medicaid expansion more Kentuckians will have access to quality cardiovascular care. For more information on Medicaid expansion in Kentucky, visit Http://

To send a note of thanks to Governor Beshear for demonstrating that we value the health of each and every person in our Commonwealth, please visit our Take Action center to send your supportive message today and encourage others to send a message through Facebook.

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