Governor Dalrymple Signs CPR in Schools Bill


AHA advocates, emergency medicine professionals, students, staff and survivors were on hand to thank Governor Dalrymple for signing a bill that provides financial support to school districts that teach CPR prior to high school graduation.  The bill is not a mandate on schools, nor does it take away funding from other areas. Rather, this bill provides funding to those schools that choose to provide CPR instruction within a part of an existing class course required for graduation. This bill provides a platform for schools to train future generations so that we have a community able to respond to a cardiac emergency.  Project implementation will strive to encourage schools to consider the type of course that best meets their school curriculum, and to encourage in-kind match support in order to build a sustainable program of CPR in every school.

In addition to teaching high school students this life-saving skill, learning CPR in high school provides students with a glimpse of emergency medicine and has the potential to inspire the next generation of emergency medical professionals.  North Dakota needs students to enter into the medical professions and learning CPR as a high school student can provide that entry level interest. 

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