Even though we can't compete in the World Cup, we can get #1 exercise.

hero_image_alt_text===A child kicking a soccer ball.
thumbnail_alt_text===A child kicking a soccer ball.

I take my daughter to swim lessons in the early am. Yesterday one of the other parents mentioned that her husband, a college professor, had planned to take the afternoon off to watch the World Cup semi-finals. Why didn't I think of that? I love soccer. I played in high school but have not played since. My daughter plays now and loves it. I jealously watch her on Saturday mornings throughout the fall. I would like to be out there.

As I was sitting at my computer thinking about how much I would rather be participating or watching soccer, I got an email from our national folks. It outlined exactly how much exercise the average World Cup player gets in one game.

That email pulled me back to work. I thought about how the work that our You're the Cure volunteers do every day helps encourage Maine kids to play soccer. We fight to assure that Physical Education is part of Maine's core curriculum, that school and town playing fields are open and accessible to Rec programs and other community teams (for both kids and adults), and that there are more spaces to just kick a ball around.

We do important work. So, back to my computer! I have to admit to occasionally checking in on the game via Twitter, but I also remembered that working to improve options for Maine people of all ages to play soccer, or run, or walk, or bike or swim was just as much fun as watching England lose to Croatia.

By the way. I really hate shootouts and they should be banned.

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