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Later this year, the 2/3rds of MaineCare smokers who want to quit will finally have all the tools they need. Last session, the American Heart Association and our partners worked hard to restore cuts made by the LePage Administration and their allies in the Legislature a few years ago. Those cuts really ticked us off. They made no sense. They would actually cost Maine money—not save Maine money. They just hurt people for no good reason. They cost lives. So, we did what we always do. We did not stay mad. We dug in and got even. We not only restored those cuts by overriding the Governor’s veto (131-10 in the House and 31-4 in the Senate) but the bill we passed enhanced the MaineCare tobacco cessation benefits. Maine now has the best evidence-based benefits in the country and 161 legislators are on the record saying it is the right thing to do. Rep. Linda Sanborn (D-Gorham) was the sponsor of the bill and a fantastic advocate.

Also, actions by you, our You’re the Cure Advocates convinced some "fence-sitters" to vote with us. Thank you for your actions. If you did not take action, that is ok, just remember next time! The vote might be a lot closer.

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