Good for Jobs, Good for Communities, Good for Health in the Commonwealth


Going to the grocery store is something most of us take for granted, but for millions of Americans who live in areas where it is difficult to buy fresh food, that trip is anything but easy. Access to fresh produce, dairy and other staples is very tough at best, and simply not an option for far too many. That results in higher rates of obesity and preventable health complications and diseases. We have a solution in the Commonwealth, funding the MA Food Trust Program.

The funding would increase access to nutritious and affordable food by establishing a flexible financing program to provide grants, loans and technical assistance to support the development, renovation, and expansion of retailers selling healthy foods in underserved communities. Lack of access to healthy, affordable foods in too many Massachusetts communities undermines the health and well-being of children and families across the commonwealth. Assistance is needed in our communities and across the state to tackle this problem. Providing direct funding to the MA Food Trust will play a major role in addressing the need for better access to healthy food, and will promote better public health and increased economic vitality.

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