Giving Tuesday Now

SAVE THE DATE: Giving Tuesday Now is May 5, 2020

Come together and show us your good with a gift that saves lives.

It took only a few weeks for COVID-19 to become a leading cause of death in America. What may be even scarier is we know heart disease and stroke patients are more vulnerable to serious complications as a result of infection.

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We’ve set an ambitious goal to raise $5 million to make sure our work fighting cardiovascular disease continues while we take on new and pressing challenges, like:

• Fast-tracking research to better understand COVID-19 and what it means for heart disease and stroke patients
• Developing new CPR guidelines to help rescuers and first-responders safely treat cardiac arrest victims with suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19
• Making oxygenation and ventilation courses available free to healthcare providers who need them in the global fight against COVID-19
• Urging lawmakers at the federal and state levels to ensure all families have access to care, including guaranteed free coronavirus testing

Coronavirus may be keeping us apart, but it can’t stop us from coming together for the good of our loved ones and neighbors.

Show us your good by helping us continue our lifesaving work. Make your Giving Tuesday Now gift to protect your loved ones fighting heart disease and stroke.

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