Getting Back into the Swing of Life


Guest Blogger: Nora Perry, Stroke Initiatives Director

Having a stroke can change everything.  What would you do if it happened to you?  Would you feel comfortable starting physical activity again if you were still regaining balance?  Would you want to socialize again if you were still working with a speech therapist?  How exactly would you get back into the swing of life?

The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association is helping stroke survivors and their caregivers answer some of these questions with the Saving Strokes event.  This unique rehabilitation-through-golf clinic allows survivors and their family and friends to get out on the greens for pleasure, but also for a purpose.  Golf has been shown to improve balance, coordination, neuroplasticity, and other skills essential to stroke survivors’ recovery.  Saving Strokes gives survivors the opportunity to attend a free, safe, and welcoming event to try golf as part of their rehabilitation.  And no one is excluded – all ages, mobility levels, and stages of physical and cognitive recovery are welcome.  There is even a monthly continuation program, Golf Fore Health, that lets golfers stay active throughout the year.

Do you have a stroke survivor in your life who might like to join our program?  Invite them to be a part of Saving Strokes or Golf Fore Health!  On June 19th, Saving Strokes celebrated its 7th year in Salt Lake.  With the support of friendly physical therapists, helpful golf pros, and a range of adaptive golf equipment, survivors got to putt, chip, and swing their way toward better stroke recovery.  The event also included a heart-healthy luncheon, special speaking presentations, and plenty of time for socializing and peer support for both survivors and caregivers.  Attendees gave it rave reviews!  Merrill and his caregiver Linda said they love it so much that they’ve come every year since the event began. Lorin said he was glad to know golf was still something he could do.  Amy said she was inspired to see survivors in all walks of life using the event to try to get back to normal life.  And Tim, a young stroke survivor, said he had fun meeting other survivors and can’t wait to golf more.

We have two more FREE events for stroke survivors later this year, click here to RSVP:

Provo: Wednesday, August 26th from 10 am to 1pm at East Bay Golf Course

Ogden: Friday, September 18th from 10 am to 1 pm at Schneiter’s Riverside Golf

Life after stroke can be rich and rewarding.  The AHA/ASA is here to support survivors and caregivers through their post-stroke journey.  If you know a stroke survivor who might benefit from our programs, please contact us!  Saving Strokes will take place again next June and the next Golf Fore Health program starts this August.  Together, we can help stroke victors get back into the swing of life!

Marc Watterson, AHA/ASA Government Relations Director, 801-702-4427

Nora Perry, AHA/ASA Stroke Initiatives Director, 602-414-5352

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