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Get off the couch in 2018!

According to a new study, the risk of heart failure associated with years of sitting can be reduced or reversed with just two years of regular aerobic exercise training.

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A sedentary lifestyle - sitting for long periods of time - as been shown to increase the risk of the heart muscle shrinking and stiffening in late-middle age and increasing heart failure risk.  In the study, participants who adhered to the aerobic exercise regimen had significant improvements in how their body used oxygen and had decreased cardiac stiffness after two years, both markers of a healthier heart. Aerobic exercises are sustained activities, such as walking, swimming, running and others that strengthen the heart and other muscles and help the body use oxygen effectively.  

Check out the whole article here!

If your resolution was to start exercising this year, why not visit our Move More site to read tips on how to get started exercising and how to build more opportunities to be active into your routine.  For example, How to Stay Active in Cold Weather is a great read for us Michiganders this time of year!

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