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Get Ready to Move PHX!


Phoenix Proposition 104, also known as Move PHX, is a comprehensive transportation plan that will expand light rail and bus services and will improve our streets to the benefit of everyone who drives, walks or bikes around Phoenix. This is a unique opportunity for Phoenix to integrate health considerations within community expansion designs to improve Phoenix’s walkability and bike-ability, but Prop 104 needs your vote!

If you haven’t yet, register to vote here or find your voting location here.

If you are interested in voting early, answers to frequently asked questions can be found here.  To find early voting locations, please visit here

In summary, Move PHX (Prop 104) will do the following:

  • Pave 1,080 miles of new bike lanes and improve existing bike infrastructure
  • Pave 135 miles of new sidewalks
  • Triple the number of miles covered by light rail
  • Create more shaded structures at bus stops and Park-and-Ride locations
  • Extend hours of operation for public transportation systems like bus service and Dial-A-Ride service and RAPID service
  • Fund up to $240 million on new roads, upgraded bridges, and place 2,000 new street lights on existing roads

 For more details, please visit here.

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