Georgia Legislators celebrate Heart Month by Wearing Red!

What a busy time it has been at the state legislature! We celebrated Wear Red Day and are continuing to advocate for policies to support heart health for all. 

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Here are some quick updates on our top priorities:

Postpartum Medicaid Expansion

The Senate unanimously passed Postpartum Medicaid Expansion and it will now be heard in the House Health and Human Services subcommittee. We need your help making sure our Representatives support this bill!  Click here to ask your Representative to vote yes!


One of our main goals this session is passing legislation that ensures 9-1-1 telecommunicators receive training on how to give CPR instruction over the phone to an untrained caller. In Georgia, the only requirement for 9-1-1 telecommunicators is to complete a 40-hour training within the first six months of being on the job. While many call centers require their telecommunicators to have additional training, not all do. We believe that no matter where you live in Georgia, if you call 9-1-1 due to a cardiac arrest there should be someone available and trained to walk you through the steps to save a life by administering CPR. Want to learn more? Check out Cameron’s story!

T-CPR legislation (Senate Bill 505) has been introduced by sponsor Senator Randy Robertson (R-Cataula). On February 15, it passed out of Public Safety Committee. We will share important updates as we get closer to a vote on the Senate floor!


The House will begin meeting to discuss the 2023 budget and we are watching several items:

  1. Maternal Health Pilot Project: Currently, there is $500,000 for a pilot project to address reducing maternal cardiovascular disease. We support this funding and are monitoring budget discussions for next steps.
  2. Medicaid Express Enrollment: The Governor’s budget includes $39 million for express enrollment of children who receive SNAP benefits into Medicaid. We support this as it will increase access to healthcare coverage for children in need.
  3. Postpartum Medicaid Expansion: The Governor’s budget includes $29 million for expanding postpartum coverage to 12 months. We are monitoring and advocating for this funding to support the expanded postpartum coverage.

Stay tuned to your email for more updates including how you can advocate for T-CPR and appropriations that support health. Don’t forget to email your Representative to ask them to support Postpartum Expansion.  

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