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Gearing Up to Go Back to School?


August in Arizona brings several things.  Heat, monsoons, and back to school! 

As our children are gearing up to head back into the classroom, it may be time for your homework. Here are a few questions to consider: Do you know if your local school is participating in the National School Lunch and Breakfast Program?  Do they offer healthy snacks before school and afterschool?  Do they have a local wellness policy? 

Since our children spend the majority of their time in the classroom and at schools, the AHA/ASA believe these are critical questions parents should be asking to ensure our schools to create a healthy environment for our children to establish healthy habits for the rest of their lives. 

The Arizona Department of Education has developed nutritional standards to provide a model of healthy living practices for schools.  More information can be found here.

Nationally, the AHA is working towards full implementation of the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act (HHFKA), which address the School Lunch and Breakfast program and have increased the amount of fruits and vegetables that our children are exposed to.  Due to the HHFKA, our students are eating 16% more vegetables and 23% more fruit.  To support our advocacy efforts visit here.

If you have questions about your local schools policies, or want to get involved, please contact Nicole Olmstead or Josh Brown.

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