Gary Gorzelany - Thankful to Be Able to Advocate for CPR Training for Students

One afternoon, I was doing my regular grocery shopping, a day much like any other, when unexpectedly I dropped to the floor.

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I only remember, waking up to find a stranger on top of me, telling me to stay still, I’d had a cardiac arrest. She was an ‘off-duty’ EMS provider, who also just happened to be grocery shopping, and knew she had minutes to begin chest compressions and get an AED for me. Evidently, when I collapsed, other people had begun to gather around me. None of them had been trained in CPR so they made an announcement over the PA system asking for others in the store who knew CPR to come forward.

Since recovering, I want to ensure that if and when this happens to anyone else, there are people who are trained and ready to come to a cardiac arrest victim’s aid. I now serve on the AHA Advocacy Committee in NH, working to get CPR training in the high school curriculum, as well as help to pass other policies to help people live healthy lifestyles.

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