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The Gavel Is Down in Georgia

Georgia's 2018 legislative session is officially underway. This year, we're urging legislators to support two new policies, Telephone CPR and Physical Education (PE) assessments.


Telephone CPR would ensure that all 911 telecommunicators who provide dispatch for emergency medical conditions are trained in the delivery of high-quality telephone CPR. That way, if you call 911 because your loved one is experiencing a sudden cardiac arrest, the dispatcher will be able to identify the need for CPR and instruct you on how to perform CPR until paramedics arrive. 

Click here to sign our Telephone CPR petition today! And forward it along to your family and friends. 

The second policy, Physical Education (PE) assessments, entails conducting PE assessments to provide information on existing gaps and current successes in our schools' PE programs. The results will help the Department of Education provide quality Physical Education to every student in Georgia, making sure our children are on their way to a healthier future. 

Stay tuned for future You're the Cure alerts with the latest heart and stroke news from the Georgia Capitol. 

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