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Efforts for Smoke-Free Smyrna are Underway!

We are happy to announce that the city of Smyrna will be attempting to go smoke-free!

As of July 1st, community leaders, public health officials, and citizens throughout Smyrna have organized around the goal of passing a comprehensive smoke-free ordinance within the city and I'm pleased to share that the American Heart Association is part of the coalition.


Like many other smoke-free campaigns across the state, this campaign will focus on both the positive public health and business impacts a comprehensive smoke-free policy would have on the city and its residents. Currently, the coalition is working to engage the local community and city council through educational messaging and smoke-free events. As the campaign moves forward, we will work tirelessly to ensure that a strong policy passes through the legislative process.

To learn more or volunteer towards efforts of a smoke-free Smyrna, please contact me at [email protected].

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