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Smokefree Atlanta Joins Block Party at GSU

Last week, Truth Initiative invited us to join their block party at Georgia State University to educate students on the need for a smoke-free policy in Atlanta. Like many other community events, we found that many do not know that Atlanta does not currently have a smoke-free policy.


Block Party attendees were surprised to learn that you can still smoke in many restaurants and bars throughout the city. While many of the people we spoke with do not frequent places where smoking is allowed indoors, they were very concerned once we discussed the effects on the people in the community. Workers in these establishments must inhale over 7000 toxic chemicals throughout their shifts. And the same goes for patrons. Many of the conversations from the Block Party were around the ease of moving smoking outdoors and protecting the health of all.

Smoke-free Atlanta is working to protect the health of all Atlantans. It will take educating community members about the current policy and the impact of it on workers and patrons. It will also take community members letting City Council know that they desire a smoke-free policy for Atlanta. If you have not signed the petition, do say today!

Join the Georgia State University Block Party attendees and hundreds of others in letting City Council know that you want a smoke-free air policy!

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