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Session Victories in Georgia

During the second half of the 2018 Georgia legislative session, two bills emerged that would have had a negative impact on public health in the state.


The first, House Bill 835 was introduced by Representative Chad Nimmer, would have decreased the taxes on tobacco products in Georgia that made their way into the FDA’s modified risk category by up to 50%. Potential items in this category could have hypothetically included snus and e-cigarette/vape products.

The second was SB 418, which sought to revoke the authority of local governments to ban, prohibit, or restrict the sale of goods, products, or items regulated by the USDA and FDA, including tobacco products. If passed, this policy would have had wide reaching and negative impacts on our current and potential priorities regarding smoke-free air and sugary drink laws.

Luckily, after intense work on behalf of our volunteers, lobby team, and coalition, we were able to defeat both of these policies with House Bill 877 falling 59-109 and Senate Bill 418 being defeated by 19-34.

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