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Georgia's 2018 Legislative Session is Almost Here!

Georgia's 2018 legislative session will start on Monday, January 8 and is expected to conclude on Wednesday, March 7.


During session, the American Heart Association will urge legislators to support: 

  • Telephone CPR (T-CPR): T-CPR would require all emergency dispatchers to give compression-only CPR instructions over the phone. According to a 2015 study, only half of the nation's 911 dispatchers provide coaching. Immediate CPR can double or triple a cardiac arrest victim's chance of survival. Yet, less than half of those who have a cardiac arrest outside a hospital get bystander CPR. Dispatcher-assisted CPR could double this number! 
  • Quality Physical Education: Kids perform better academically when they are physically active. It’s a fact. That’s why we need to protect physical education in schools and make sure students get the opportunity to be active and healthy during the school day. The proposed legislation would increase accountability reporting of schools to provide quality physical education based on specific assessment measures.

We'll update you throughout session on these two issues, and any issues that arise concerning heart disease and stroke.

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