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Elaine Franklin, Atlanta

In December 2010 during my annual physical at Emory Executive Health, I was told all tests were excellent - no problems and taking no medications. Six weeks later, on February 6, 2011, my husband heard me call for him and I explained my vision had suddenly changed to wavy lines. Within five minutes my speech became slow, reaction to questions delayed, and I fell asleep. He called 9-1-1. The dispatcher guided him as she suspected that I was having a stroke and sent an ambulance. My husband, grown children and four close friends gathered with the hospital chaplain to hope and pray. Read More.


Fast action and tests at Northside Hospital confirmed a clot stroke and the neurologist received permission to give tPA. Thankfully, the medicine worked for me. I woke up and responded to all questions and tasks. The neurologist conducted further tests and in less than 48 hours I returned home.

My primary care physician at Emory University Clinic and his neuro-stoke associate implemented other tests and later encouraged me to “go live life.” For one year, I took a blood thinner and a statin drug. Now, I take supplements, an aspirin, and statin on a daily basis.    

Thirty-five years ago, my father had a clot stroke at the age of 67 and did not have access to tPA. It took him a full year to regain speech and mobility, and he was impaired until his death at age 76. I was 63 at the time of my stroke.  Since my stroke five years ago, I wake up every day grateful and committed to live a life of service to others with less stress, a healthy diet and regular exercise. When asked if I am afraid, I reply, “I let go and let God."

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