2024 at the Gold Dome-Session Review!

“Sine Die” meaning: without future date being designated, without fixing a day for future action or meeting.

Sine Die is the last day of session and is important because the House and Senate have one last chance to get legislation passed or it will die. Read on to learn about the status of policies we've been working on this session, and click here to help us get CERP legislation over the finish line!

Cardiac Emergency Response Plans (CERPs)

  • What it is: HB 874 ensures all schools have a plan in place to save a life in the event of a cardiac emergency. CERPs include placement of AEDs, training of staff in CPR/AED, coordination with emergency response team, and practice drills.
  • Where it stands: PASSED! Now onto the Governor for signing. Click here to ask him to sign the bill! (link to alert)

CPR in Schools Implementation Funding

  • What it is: Over 10 years ago, a law was passed that requires high school graduates to receive training in Hands-only CPR before graduation. Funding was never allocated for this and schools lack resources to train students. This year, we are advocating for a $250K appropriation that prioritizes high needs, Title 1 schools.
  • Where it stands: Funding was included in agreed upon final version!

Healthy School Meals for All

  • What it is: School meals are available for students at no additional charge, just like bus rides, schoolbooks, and laptops.
  • Where it stands: $6.3 million made it in the final budget! Now we’ll have to make sure the Gov includes in his final version. Action may be needed in coming weeks.

Medicaid Expansion

  • What it is: Georgia is one of only 10 states that has not fully expanded Medicaid and has the 3rd highest uninsured rate in the country, even with the Governor’s Pathways to Coverage which to date has enrolled 3500 people. If Medicaid was fully expanded, it would bring in federal dollars and provide coverage to 430,000 Georgians, many who are disproportionately affected by heart disease. We are advocating for full Medicaid Expansion, which would provide much needed care to this group.
  • Where it stands: Didn’t make it this session and we will be hard at work to be sure we are celebrating this time next year!

Early Childcare and Education

  • What it is: The AHA is advocating for increased access and affordability to childcare because of its impact on health and wellbeing.
  • Where it stands: $9 million included in the agreed upon House and Senate version!
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