GA Voted YES on Walking and Biking!

On November 8, Atlanta and Fulton County voters passed two TSPLOST ballot measures that will result in more sidewalks, bike paths, trails, bike share programs, and more.  This win comes a week after the American Heart Association released the summary from two separate studies that found recreational biking leads to lower risk of heart disease. 


It has been known that biking as a part of a formal exercise routine reduces cardiovascular disease but little has been known about the effects of recreational or commuter biking and cardiovascular disease.  One study found that Swedish bicycle commuters were less likely to develop high blood pressure, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes and obesity -- all risk factors for cardiovascular disease.  The other study found that middle-aged and older Danes who took up biking had a 26 percent lower risk of developing coronary artery disease, compared with non-bikers.  This study highlights that while many find it hard to fit in time for exercise, using biking as transportation is a beneficial way to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.  More can be read about these two studies here.

Atlantans and Fulton County residents who reside outside of the Atlanta city limits voted yes to pass two separate TSPLOST ballot measures.  The highlights for these are:

City of Atlanta:

  • 4/10 of a cent tax for 5 years
  • $66 million to complete the Atlanta BeltLine
  • $75 million for 15 complete streets projects
  • $3 million for Phase 2 of Atlanta Bike Share program
  • $69 million for pedestrian improvements in sidewalks
  • $40 million for traffic signal optimization

 Fulton Co:

  • ¾ cent tax for 5 years raising an estimated $570 million. 
  • will be divided among the 11 Fulton County cities and unincorporated Fulton Co based on population
  • cities will choose what projects they want to focus on
  • 14.7% of funds will go to pedestrian, bikes, streetscapes

The American Heart Association is proud to support the investment in biking and walking trails throughout our community. TSPLOST will increase opportunities for physical activity and help make Atlanta and Fulton County a more robust livable community. Thank you for voting Yes on TSPLOST!  You're the Cure, Atlanta and Fulton County!


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