From the Front Lines: Legislative Update


LB  722, the Stroke System if Care Act, passed on Final Reading on Tuesday, April 12, and now on its way to the Governor's desk.  This is the final hurdle for the Stroke System of Care Act and the American Heart Association encourages all advocates to contact the Governor and ask for his support.  Stroke is a leading cause of death and disability in Nebraska.  LB 722 establishes the beginning of statewide stroke system of care consisting of stroke hospital designation, EMS protocols, and a stroke task force to help treat stroke patients in a timely manner and to improve the overall outcomes of these patients. 

Encourage Governor Ricketts to sign the Stroke System of Care Act to ensure stroke patients get the care the needs to save lives and save long term care patient costs.  Take Action Now! 

A fragmented and disorganized delivery system can prohibit patients from receiving critical treatment .  The rapid identification, diagnosis, and treatment of stroke can save the lives of stroke patients and in some cases can reverse neurological damage such as paralysis and speech and language impairments, leaving stroke patients with few or no neurological deficits.  It can also save significant dollars by avoiding long-term care patient costs as the state of Nebraska pays millions in Medicaid costs every year in medical costs due to stroke.  This bill is close to becoming law because of all the great efforts by AHA volunteers and our coalition partners! 

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