Former Jamestown Student Saves Child’s Life Spurs CPR Smart Conversation


The importance of making CPR and AED training into a required curriculum for high school graduations has become an important point of conversation in the Jamestown School System after hearing of a former Jamestown High School student who saved a child’s life while babysitting.

Jamestown High School is currently working towards becoming a CPR Smart School. This would ensure that all students that are enrolled in a physical education course would go through CPR/AED training as approved by the school board.

The American Heart Association was proud to champion SB 2238 – the CPR in Schools funding bill designed to established a platform by which every graduating high school student will learn and practice how to perform CPR – creating our next generation of community lifesavers.   The legislature appropriated $450,000 in CPR training support for all North Dakota high schools – public and private. The intent to fund one grade level per year within a school.  Schools decide which grade level and the course which is already required for graduation.  AED training is also a required component of the training. The training can be done in one regular class period for Hands Only CPR training or a school can select a 4-6 hour certification course built into several class periods.

If you are interested in working with your local school to achieve CPR Smart School recognition send an e-mail to Kendra Krueger at [email protected].   To learn more go to our CPR website –   

CLICK HERE for complete story on CPR save from the Jamestown Sun.  

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