Food insecurity is impacting our region.

Food insecurity is an issue that impacts many families, especially since COVID. Some families who were living in the margins before, are more likely to be impacted by food insecurity now. What is food insecurity? Simply put- it’s when someone isn’t always able to count on the security of their next meal. Many people have been laid off, placing a deeper burden on families. With children staying home, the food security of school can be lost, placing additional burdens on families. Often, fresh produce can be seen as unaffordable compared to prepared or processed food or even unavailable in some communities.


This is why we must make food security an important part of our fight for longer, healthier lives. Making sure families have secure access to healthier food is a vital piece to addressing unhealthy weight, heart disease, stroke, and other diet related health risks. We must fund programs that make it easier to provide healthy foods to people in need. Programs that can also positively impact local businesses who see economic benefit to food access policies.

Support access to healthy food today

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