Food Insecurity in Oregon

My name is McKayla Hoffman, and I am a current intern for the American Heart Association. I
am also a student of Public Health at Oregon State University in Corvallis. As a college student
who has previously struggled with access to healthy foods, as well as obtaining sufficient
amounts of food, I am in full support of expanding Double Up Food Bucks in Oregon.

The experience of college and attending a university should not be based on wondering where
your next meal is going to come from. Far too many students in my community, myself
included, have skipped meals, sleeping in order to do so, due to the fact that food has been too
expensive and inaccessible. When able to purchase groceries, fresh and healthy foods are much
more pricey compared to boxed and processed meals. As a result, our diets are inadequate and
barely filling. As the joke stands, some students have no option but to rely on Ramen and pasta
to get by, as these options are far cheaper compared to the healthy alternatives.

This bill and other related suggestions are very important factors, not only to college students,
but those in surrounding communities that rely on food stamps in order to access healthful
foods. Passing in support of Double Up Food Bucks would greatly benefit populations, including
myself and those around me, increase our intake of fresh produce, decreasing the chances of
diet related illnesses.

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