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The American Heart Association is excited that Florida voters have the opportunity to update the state's Clean Indoor Air Act by voting YES on Amendment 9 on November 6. The proposed amendment would ensure e-cigarettes are not used where smoking is already prohibited, including restaurants and indoor shopping malls.

hero_image_alt_text===Everyone has the right to breathe clear air.
thumbnail_alt_text===Everyone has the right to breathe clear air.

The Florida Clean Indoor Air Act passed in 2002, a year before e-cigarettes were first manufactured. Now is our chance to update the existing policy to protect everyone's right to breathe clean air.

In the past decade, tobacco companies have tried to capture a new generation of smokers with e-cigarettes, which are perceived to be less harmful than cigarettes and are more popular with youth. Since the CDC started collecting data on e-cigarettes in 2011, the current use of e-cigarettes has surpassed current use of every other tobacco product overall, including conventional cigarettes.

We've worked hard to combat the tremendous toll tobacco use has on Florida and we hope you'll vote yes on 9. Together, we can create healthier work environments and build healthier futures for our children. When vaping is allowed in places where smoking is not, it impacts the health of workers and can change what children consider acceptable. 

Including the 41,000 who die from exposure to secondhand smoke, smoking kills more than 480,000 Americans a year and remains one of the most preventable causes of death and disease in the U.S.

Please note, Amendment 9 not only concerns e-cigarettes, but also offshore drilling. To find out how Amendment 9 would impact offshore drilling, visit

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