Protect Your Voice in Florida's Future

As a You're the Cure advocate, we know you're passionate about speaking up for public policies that help build healthier communities. Unfortunately, an item on your Florida ballot could limit your voice in any future changes to the Florida Constitution, which is one way the state can adopt policies to help improve health. If passed, Amendment 4 would alter how the state constitution is revised or amended, making the process more challenging and time consuming. As a result, this could silence the voices of Floridians and take years for change to occur.

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What is the current process to amend or revise the constitution by voters in Florida?

Currently, Floridians can change their constitution by initiating amendments. This process is already difficult and requires substantial funding, hundreds of thousands of signatures, and court approval. Once on the ballot, the amendments must pass by more than 60 percent of the vote.

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How does Amendment 4 change this process?

Amendment 4 would force Floridians to vote twice on any new constitutional amendment. The amendment would be required to pass by more than 60 percent in one general election and then be passed by more than 60 percent again during the next general election, which is held two years later. This proposed process is entirely unnecessary. It has no foreseeable benefits to voters, but rather adds an extra burden and level of bureaucracy to a system that was not broken.

With Election Day quickly approaching, we hope you'll vote NO on Amendment 4 in order to preserve your voice in Florida’s future. To help raise awareness, "like" and share our Facebook post about Amendment 4. We also invite you to visit our You’re the Cure Voter Resource Center to check your voter registration status, find your polling place, and more.

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