Florida Tele-CPR Bill Heads to Governor's Desk

During the 2022 Florida Legislative Session, the American Heart Association urged the Legislature to pass Tele-CPR legislation (SB 890/HB 593) to ensure 911 callers are coached to perform life-saving CPR in the event of cardiac arrest or other medical emergency until emergency medical services arrive. 


We're pleased to share the legislation received unanimous support in the House and the Senate. Ultimately, House Bill 593 moved through the Legislature quicker and was sent to Governor DeSantis' desk on March 8th to be signed into law.

Special thanks to Senator Burgess, Representative Trabulsy, and Representative McClure for championing the life-saving legislation. Also, huge thanks to You're the Cure advocates Dr. Robert Sanchez, John Mouw, Terry Lewis, and George Laman for their tireless efforts through media advocacy, policy research, and personal testimonies. Lastly, thanks to all You're the Cure advocates who took the time to reach out to your legislators for their support! Together, our voices made a positive difference in the lives of all Floridians.

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