Tele-CPR Bills Moving at the Florida Capitol

This Thursday, February 24th is expected to be a busy day for us at the Florida state capitol, as two Tele-CPR bills are scheduled for consideration.


First, Senate Bill 890 is expected to be voted on by the Senate Appropriations Committee before heading to the Senate floor. Second, House Bill 593 by Reps. Trabulsy and McClure, is scheduled for its second reading on the House floor. There's a chance representatives could vote on the bill. 

Both Tele-CPR bills would help 911 callers anywhere in Florida to perform life-saving CPR in the event of cardiac arrest by ensuring:

  • All 911 telecommunicators are trained and ready to provide high-quality CPR instructions over the phone;
  • Tele-CPR is available to everyone across the state who calls 911; and
  • All 911 telecommunicators receive continuing education on Tele-CPR.

Special thanks to George Laman, You're the Cure advocate in Ft. Myers, for testifying in support of House Bill 593 last week in committee. This issue is important to him professionally and personally. George worked as a paramedic for 17 years and in the fire service in Illinois just short 40 years, before moving to Florida. He also lost his daughter, Lauren, to sudden cardiac arrest, and since then he has dedicated himself to work to pass legislation in her honor. 

Passing Tele-CPR legislation has been a top priority of ours this legislative session, which is slated to end March 11th. Immediate CPR can double or triple the chance of survival after cardiac arrest, yet many people either aren't trained in CPR or naturally forget this life-saving skill in time of distress. Telecommunicators can help 911 callers identify if someone is experiencing cardiac arrest and walk the caller through CPR until emergency medical services arrive.

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